"IN TIME - A sustained journey” is a workshop where customer requests meet our expertise on environmentally friendly design and product life cycle. From the designer’s initial idea to the choice of materials and production, and through to the user’s experience.

Circular economy:
a resource always maintains the status of a resource and not a waste. It preserves an economic value regardless of who owns it. Repairability creates new value.

A sustainable journey

From small daily gestures within the company to the production of seats, our commitment is to implement sustainable actions and products, always. To embark on a “sustainable journey”, guiding us step by step towards true circular awareness.
Goals / Actions
< 90%

Wooden bases

< 60%

Disposal or recycling of waste


kWh/year of solar energy from solar panels

Measure the circularity

Measuring the circularity of the product or service means evaluating the efficient use of resources, considering both the types and quantities of virgin materials used, and the economy and / or diseconomy generated by the management of these resources. The approach adopted in the measurement process is one of input-output:


Quantify and qualify the material resources that I take from the system and the way in which the production performed is used.


understand and define how to manage the end of life of the product with a view to repairability, disassembly and reuse / recycling.

It is therefore necessary to ask: how much, what and how I withdraw the resources; subsequently ask yourself how I return these materials to the system.

Added value

It is important to create synergy with customers/suppliers in order to develop the input-output strategy and thus create added value and, hence, a competitive advantage.

Sustainable inputs
Product / Service
End of life / Recycle

Product Passport

All Fratelli Rossetto models come with an environmental passport detailing their material circularity features, taking into account their entire life cycle. This passport aims to help consumers make an informed purchase.

  • Recycled content
  • Bio-based products
  • Certifications
  • Renewable source
  • Durability
  • Ability to be disassembled
  • Ability to be repaired
  • Ability to be recycled

Each performance indicator will be provided as a percentage, and each environmental statement will comply with the goals of the ISO 14021 standard.

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