About us

Trebaseleghe, 1957. In their workshop, brothers Augusto, Narciso and Angelo Rossetto started producing the first frames in unprocessed wood for armchairs and sofas. The business grew in the space of a few years, soon looking to the future by experimenting with a new material: polyurethane. Today, F.lli Rossetto produces and moulds flexible, integral and rigid polyurethanes. It tests their performance to obtain superior products and invests in cutting-edge machinery to combine precise, reliable and increasingly more innovative manufacturing. It offers 7 polyurethane formulas meeting the needs of every customer. It sells in 60 countries in 5 continents, and devotes skills and resources to developing its favourite kind of innovation: the one that has not yet been invented.


F.lli Rossetto gives shape to your idea of comfort. It produces semi-finished products in integral and cold-cure polyurethane foam for the seating and furniture sector, offering first-rate, comprehensive processes and both standard and exclusive products.


The balance of beauty and function generates ideas for the greatest revolutions, even in the simplicity of everyday gestures. This is F.lli Rossetto’ idea of design.

The company in figures

65 Years of experience
250 Employees
488485 Products sold per year
687 Number of customers
60 Number of countries we export to

Comprehensive processes

From designing the model to moulding it in polyurethane and through to conducting quality controls: every step of the production of existing and new F.lli Rossetto models is conducted in production spaces manned by skilled international professionals and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.



Our chairs, armchairs and sofas are entirely produced in Italy, within our factory, in which all the stages of the production chain are carried out (processing of wood, metal, molding of flexible and integral polyurethanes).


The production takes place in compliance with the strict environmental regulations of the EU regarding: emissions into the atmosphere, soil health, waste disposal, protection of the health of workers and consumers, fire prevention.


We print 7 formulations of polyurethane, from the FLEXIBLE one (to be upholstered) to the FINISHED ones (structural and not, different for softness, color, technical characteristics, resistance, density, touch, self-support): Freeform, Freeform Advanced, Tech, Polstrong, Polint, painted Polstrong, Polyplus.


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